About Brice

About Brice

"Music is the only alchemy that neither threatens nor promises, but brings people together"

"Music creates a deep emotional interiority in which everyone can escape or take refuge".

Brice Amo was born on August 3, 1981 in Toulouse, France.
Originally from Reunion Island, his roots are steeped in the island's cultural mix, which colors his music with talent.
The intensity of his voice was noticed early on. He began his musical career singing in famous operas (Tosca, Bohemia, Wozzeck).
His musical culture is influenced by the rhythms and traditions of various ethnic groups, close to his roots, but also to his sensibility.
His vocal performances offer bewitching melodies, sometimes ethereal, sometimes tribal, sometimes mystical, sometimes even transcendental.
The combination of this musical mix and his hypnotic voice takes us on a profound musical journey.
As a composer, he plays several instruments, including percussion and the Iranian santur, enriched by electronic and orchestral ambiances...
In 2004, he formed the group Omasphere (www.omasphere.com), which enabled him to combine his inspirations.
A first album, Prelude, was released in 2009 (Prikosnovénie).
Today, he composes in close collaboration with Pieter BOURKE, himself a film music producer (nominated for Golden Globe Awards for the films Ali and The Insider).

Together, they plan to release two singles in December 2023, including both pop and film score influences.


During the last years, I've been working with different music producers, musicians and music labels.